Ready for ’18: Should I Run? Event

What goes through you mind when you hear about people running for office? Do you often feel like you’re called to do something, something more than you’re already doing, but just don’t know what? Do you imagine yourself in the shoes of a candidates when you see him/her get up and give a speech at a local event?

Don’t agonize about what it takes to run. Instead, join your local Democrats as they learn about what it takes to run – not only the nuts and bolts, but also the type of questions you need to answer for yourself to determine if you are ready run for office.

Whether you are thinking about running in 2018 or in the more distant future or have an interest in being an integral part of a campaign, pleasejoin us in a discussion of campaign components you’ll need to consider. Hear advice and lessons learned from former candidates and elected officials.

Democrats are making gains in Collin County, as evidenced by turnout and wins in recent local races. It is critical that we recruit and prepare candidates to run at the state and local level. We also need to prepare campaign teams to support them.

Want to hear more? Come join us!

This workshop will be the precursor to a Candidate Training Series offered by CCDP. All training will be offered as often as needed before the filing period begins in November.

WHEN: Sat June 17, 2017 1:00-4:00 pm
WHERE: Collin College Spring Creek Campus Room C103
RSVP: call the office 972-578-1483
There is no charge for the session.

Just a sampling of questions you need to consider:
Why do I want to run?
Can I make the time commitment?
Do you know the issues you want to run on?
Will you have the support you need from family?