Party Officers

  • Chair: Mike Rawlins
  • Vice Chair: Barb Walters
  • Secretary: Matt Lagos
  • Treasurer: Diane Bolak
  • Communications Director: Diane Treider
  • Data Director: JC Puckett
  • Field Director: Kristi Lara
  • Political Director: John M. Stafford

Committee Chairs & Team Leaders

  • Activist Recruitment and Training Committee: JC Puckett
  • Administration Committee: Barb Walters
  • Analyst Team: Mike Rawlins
  • Candidate Recruitment and Training Committee: John M. Stafford
  • Communications Team: Diane Treider
  • Coordinated Campaign Committee: Sree Yedavalli
  • Events Committee: Diane Pizarro
  • Field Organization: Kristi Lara
  • Finance Committee: Diane Bolak
  • Fundraising Committee: Kavita Khandekar
  • Opposition Research Team: Jeannie Lemons and Laura North
  • Outreach Committee: Cara Prentice
  • Primary Election Committee: Mike Rawlins
  • Tech Team: Lou Berman
  • Voter Protection Committee: David Smith
  • Volunteer Team: Jeannie Lemons