Interested in Community Outreach?

Interested in Outreach?

Are you involved in a number of different community organizations? Do you have an interest in spreading the Democratic gospel to them?

It’s very easy for us to get immersed in our own Democratic and progressive bubbles. But if we’re going to win elections it’s vital that we engage with people and communities outside of our bubble. Of foremost importance are those who predominantly share our values, who should be voting with us but aren’t. These may be ethnic and religious minorities, civic organizations, nonpartisan activist groups, area Chambers of Commerce, and the like.

The CCDP has long had a focus on this type of outreach, and this is an ideal time for us to boost that effort. Outreach has more credibility and is more effective when we can approach people to listen, to engage them in a dialogue rather than just asking for their votes in election season.

We’re currently looking for new members for our Community Outreach committee. The work of the committee includes identifying new groups and organizations that we need to engage, individuals getting involved in their work, representing the CCDP at various functions, staffing tables at events, and setting up town halls and other community meetings.

If this is the kind of volunteer opportunity that interests you, please email the County Chair using our contact form.